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Urban Escape Concept Project


The urban escape concept revolves in the idea of spatial creatin that enhances and creates serenity and seclusion in an urban environment. The concept is elaborated through a complex that features a tidal pool and a pavilion which allows visitors to be unobstructed to relax and to [Gather]







Penang Island - Malaysia

ECO2 Guest House


The Eco2 Guest house is a concept project situated in Siem Reap, Cambodia that features the imaginative sensations from the ancient city. The design is incorporated on the riverbank that merges in the landscape. The form takes shape from the familiar with a twist of the comtemporary.






Siem Reap - Cambodia

Three Schools Of Thought Concept



Imagining Rooms Concept



Riverside Ensemble


The Riverside Ensemble Project is about blending design and setting into the Kuching Waterfront. The approach of the project began with the idea of setting, Blending tradition and function into a constellation of space that serves as a cafe, a leisure space where visitors and locals alike come forth to share experiences and ideas overlooking a vista of infinite possibilities.






Kuching - Malaysia

Six Space Set Concept



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